Card Kit Tutorials

Hey crafters!

I had some kits premier at the Heirloom Stamp show in Hillsboro, Oregon. Some of the cards would be super handy to have some videos to show how to put them together. So, I created this page to share the videos in one spot.

First we are starting with the dress card. Now, I recorded a video when I made the card pictured below with the green dress. However, when I went to edit that video, I realized that the entire thing was blurry! ACK! That just won’t do at all! Since my voice has disappeared, I couldn’t do another video, so, you will get a photo tutorial! Hopefully it will be clear enough for you!

Here’s the card in full with the green material.


So, let’s get started, shall we?

Here are the things you will need to make this card:


~Silver Marker (CTMH or silver Sharpie)
~Sparkle pen (I used Gelly Rolls)
~Super Sticky Tape (Sookwang shown)
~Foam Tape
~Liquid Glass
~Tape Runner (optional)


First, you are going to color with your silver marker. I did two layers of color to make sure nothing got missed, and I went around the outside edge to make sure it was all silver.


Then, if you want, you can color with a sparkle Gelly Roll pen. It gives it just a bit more shimmer, and who doesn’t like shimmer?


Next, look at your material. One side will be clear, and the other side will be either lighter or slightly blurry. The blurry side is the back side, and this is where we will be adding the super sticky tape.


Add one strip to each of the 4 sides on the larger material piece. Next you will add two strips to the center of the small piece. However, they should overlap slightly, so it isn’t too large.


Here you can see I laid down one strip of tape, removed the liner, and then added the second strip.


Fold one edge on top of the glue, keeping it as straight as possible.


Fold the other side down, again, keeping it as straight as possible. The short ends won’t matter, as they will be hidden behind the dress and won’t be seen unless someone decides to tear apart the card!


Back to the large piece. This step you can do before you take off the liner from the tape, and might make it a bit easier! You are just going to snip off the corners to remove some bulk from the corners. This part does not need to be perfect.


Like the smaller piece, you are going to fold the ends over the tape. This creates nice clean edges for the dress.


Before you do the last edge, decide how long you want your skirt to be. This one, I wanted to be able to see the ruffle when I was done, so I set the fabric on top of the white dress, and you can see, slightly, where the dress bottom is. So I folded up the bottom edge when I figured the right spot.


Here you can see the piece fully folded and taped together.


This is what both pieces should look like when you are done with all of the tape. Notice that you can see the tape still on the smaller piece. This is ok, and you will see why in the next step.


Now, we are going to put more super sticky tape on both pieces, but not all of the edges! Just the middle of the waist piece (the smaller) and just the top, back side of the skirt piece. You may want to flip the material over to make sure that it will be the way you want it before you put this tape on.


Now, you are going to remove the liner from the tape on the skirt, and you are going to start in the middle, and ruffle the material. With the tape on it, it will stick to itself, and that makes it a bit easier (though stickier too!)


Keep doing this on both sides of the skirt piece. You will not need/want to ruffle it to the very edge, but enough to be able to show that the whole skirt is ruffled.


This is my skirt, after it’s been fully ruffled, but before it it attached to the dress. Note, it is NOT perfectly even! It does not have to be! I did ruffle the right side the opposite direction, however, when you put the waist piece on, you may not be able to tell.


This is where I am putting the skirt onto the dress. You can see how low I am putting it. Press it down, and futz with it, should you want.


Here is the back side, you can see that the skirt hangs over the ends still.


Pull the dress tight at the waist, and wrap to the back side. This will be slanted down, but will be ok, as it won’t be seen on the card.


Here you see both sides of the skirt attached on the back of the dress.


Here is the front of the dress at this point. Getting cuter!!


Next, take the liner off the waist piece.


You are going to lay this half over the ruffles of the skirt, and half on the white dress itself. Press down to allow the tape to stick to all of the parts it is touching.


Now, you are going to pull on one side of the waist piece, and pull it snug against the waist of the dress. This will give it the curve to make it look nice.


Like the skirt, this piece will not go straight across the back of the dress. It will ‘point’ down.


Repeat on the other side of the dress, and your back will look like this.


The front of your dress now looks like this! You are almost done!


This is about where you want to put your foam pieces. This allows the bulk from the fabric on the back of the dress to have a place to sit and not distort the dress when it’s on the dress form. (ignore the one with the X. I put too much on, and had to remove that piece, as it was under the fabric and causing a huge bump)


This is what the back side of your dress and dress form will look like once it’s all attached!


Here is the front of the dress after it’s been attached to the dress form.


Here I put the two dress forms next to each other. You can see that the pink dress is shorter than the green one, however, the fabric started at basically the same size. And I think they completely change the way the dresses look. They are both super cute, but definitely both different!

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial! Please let me know if you have any questions!!

~ Michelle