2016 Ribbon Shares


Thanks for your interest in the Ribbon Shares!! When you purchase one of the Ribbon Shares, you will receive 1 yard of each of the new ribbons and bakers twines. This will give you a total of 21 yards of ribbons and twine! The price also includes the trackable shipping to you.

The total cost is just $28!

If you were to get all of the ribbons, plus the shipping to you, and the tax (I used my tax rate of 8.4%) it would cost you almost $62! This gives you more than a 50% savings!! Plus you will be able to show your customers the ribbons and twines in person! (everything is always better in person, right??)

I will place orders once a week, on Mondays. As soon as I receive the order, I will then get them ready and have them out in the mail the very next day (unless it’s Sunday, then they will go out on Monday) The first order will go in on July 4th! I will mark updates on this page as I have them, including shipping dates, expected delivery dates, and shipping out to the groups!

I look forward to seeing the new stuff in person, I’m sure you do as well!!

Just click the add to cart button below, and follow the paypal instructions!! PLEASE! Make sure your address info is in your paypal info, so that I will know who/where to ship the stuff to!!

2016 Ribbon Share $28